About Us

Founded in 1968, New Mexico School Products began its journey as becoming a premier full coverage furniture provider. Throughout the entire 70s, product lines as well as office and sales staff grew to meet the demands of the educational, government and private institution markets. As product demand increased, New Mexico School Products took the initiative in 1986 to start its own manufacturing plant, FAME Mfg.

Putting quality and customer service at the forefront, the FAME product line launched New Mexico School products into the ability to offer what no other school and office furniture dealer could to this day. New Mexico School Product’s 50+ years of experience designing, building, supplying and complete installation and service of furniture for educational, government and private organizations speaks for itself.

In addition to our extended line of school furniture, we are able to offer custom solutions for any environment at competitive prices.  We have built furniture for schools, libraries, gymnasiums, cafeterias, theaters, and everything in between.

Our custom solutions, service and products are implemented with quality that guarantees customer satisfaction from start to finish.  Let us assure you that our installation and service will go beyond your expectations with Fame Manufacturing as an AWI and QCP participant.  With the capability to provide quality furniture products through its premier manufacturing partners and its customizable FAME product line, New Mexico School Products finds itself as a national leader in providing furniture solutions to educational, government and private organizations.