Correll Anti-Microbial Blow-Molded Tables

  • Description

    R3072-AM: 29” Standard Height
    T-Leg Standard Height

    36” Counter Height

    22-32” Std. Adj. Height, or
    16-26” Short Adj. Height*

    Activity Table, 21-30” or 16-25” *

    The ENTIRE TOP is molded with a special Anti-Microbial Compound for Plastic!
    This Anti-Microbial protection will NOT: WEAR off, SCRATCH off, or WASH off!

    Correll Anti-Microbial Folding & Activity Tables:

    • Our Anti-Microbial compound is FDA and EU Approved, and is specifically designed to be mixed with plastic prior to molding. This provides homogeneous protection throughout the entire structure of the top material, not just on the surface. It will never wear off, scratch off, or wash off.
    • Other construction features are the same as our standard R-Series Folding Tables and Activity Tables.
    • Available in Standard Height, Counter Height, Adjustable Height, and Activity Table styles.
    • Custom Built to Order: Normally ships in 3 to 5 Business Days.
    • Available Colors: Currently available in Gray Granite only.