FireKing Mixed Media Safe

  • Description

    Protect both your vital assets, documents and computer media. A Mixed Media Safe offers a two-safes-in-one solution for the protection and security of both vital paper documents as well as sensitive computer media. The top safe is a UL® Class 350 1-hour impact rated safe, designed to protect vital paper documents, records, files or money from theft, tampering and fire. The bottom is a UL Class 125 3-hour Impact Rated fireproof media safe, designed for fireproof media storage. Made in the USA

    Att Height:

    24 5/16″
    Att Width:

    18 5/8″
    Att Depth:

    16 11/16″
    Exterior Dimension Height:

    59 3/4″
    Exterior Dimension Width:

    32 1/16″
    Exterior Dimension Depth:

    Exterior Dimension Metric Height:

    1518 mm
    Exterior Dimension Metric Width:

    814 mm
    Exterior Dimension Metric Depth:

    787 mm
    Interior Dimension Height:

    19 1/2″
    Interior Dimension Width:

    26 3/4″
    Interior Dimension Depth:

    20 29/32″
    Interior Dimension Metric Height:

    495 mm
    Interior Dimension Metric Width:

    679 mm
    Interior Dimension Metric Depth:

    530 mm

    1290 lbs.