FireKing Turtle

  • Description

    • UL 1-Hour Class 350 Fire Rating. Products undergo exhaustive testing procedures passing both fire and explosion hazard tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, which expose the file to temperatures of 1700 degrees for one hour resulting in the internal temperature not exceeding 350 degrees.
    • UL Impact Rating. Products survive a loaded fall of 30 feet and maintain fire protection. And FireKing’s steel lattice reinforcement offers this impact protection on all six sides.ETL Electronic Media Protection. ETL Intertek Electronic Media 30 minute verification label.
    • Oven-dried Gypsum Insulation. FireKing offers an asbestos-free, dry insulation. Unlike wet insulation, dry insulation will maintain protection properties for a lifetime, and cmpletely eliminate corrosion.
    • Environmentally Friendly Finish. Electrostatic powder coated finish is applied to all sides including the bottom. The finish is scratch-resistant, providing a lifetime quality appearance.
    • Field-Replaceable Steel Panels. In the event that any panel is damaged, it can be easily replaced.
    • Insulation between all Drawers. This design makes each drawer a separate insulated container.
    • High Side Drawer Bodies. Drawers are built with high sides for use with hanging folders – no additional frames are required.
    • Recessed Handles.
    • Lock By Pass. Features a two-position drawer catch, which allows access to certain drawers, while drawers containing sensitive information remain locked.
    • Standard Key Lock. Product is equipped with a key lock to limit access to vital records.

    Exterior Dimension Height:52 3/4″
    Exterior Dimension Width:17 3/4″
    Exterior Dimension Depth:22 1/8″
    Exterior Dimension Metric Height:1340 mm
    Exterior Dimension Metric Width:449 mm
    Exterior Dimension Metric Depth:562 mm
    Interior Dimension Height:10 3/8″
    Interior Dimension Width:12 3/16″
    Interior Dimension Depth:15 1/8″
    Interior Dimension Metric Height:264 mm
    Interior Dimension Metric Width:310 mm
    Interior Dimension Metric Depth:384 mm
    Weight:435 lbs
    Weight Metric:197 kg