KI Intellect Wave Desking

  • Description

    Intellect Wave Desking delivers student comfort, product durability and clean design. Various desk styles complement the Intellect Wave seating. Worksurfaces with hard plastic or laminate tops are engineered to withstand tough classroom use. Wave exceeds industry standards for durability and is backed by KI’s 15-year warranty.

    •   Desk tops available in hard plastic or high-pressure laminate
    • 4-leg and cantilivered desks available in 25, 27, and 29″ height, adjustable height or ADA height
    • Two-student desk available in 25, 27 and 29″ heights
    • Linear tripod desk with hard plastic or laminate tops or contour tripod desks with laminate tops
    • Tripod desks available in 29″ or adjustable heights
    • Double-entry desk available in standard size and oversized 
    • Tablets available in fixed, flip-up or folding styles (three sizes)
    • Optional Plastic book boxes or wire book baskets available on 4- leg, cantilivered and two-student desk
    • Optional book racks and book bag hooks