Midwest UpperZone Multi-Level Rack System

  • Description

    All floor level trucks are stored on their casters and may be accessed without moving the trucks stored above. The inventory used most often is on the floor, ready to roll at any time. As additional inventory is needed, the upper levels are accessed with a forklift truck. The uppermost levels are accessed only for your largest functions. Midwest’s Upper Zone system saves space, increases operational efficiency, improves housekeeping and is easy to use. Each truck is stored within a permanent rack structure with all levels above the floor supported by the rack structure. Trucks stored on the floor may be rolled in and out of the system manually. This means that no forklift truck is needed for the equipment you use most of the time. As additional equipment is needed, a forklift retrieves trucks from the next higher level. The highest level is accessed only for your largest functions. Since our trucks are not required to support the load of other trucks, no heavy overhead frame structure is needed. This makes our trucks easier to load, unload and move within your facility.

    • Increase efficiency
    • Improve safety
    • Improve organization
    • Save storage space
    • Optional towing bars with gravity storage position lock
    • Designed for forklift handling
    • Can store up to three levels above the floor
    • Reduces construction costs
    • Easy to use