• Description

    Ogee is defined as having a double continous S-shaped curve. The Alumni Ogee tables offer an interactive and creative table solution for any learnig environment. The unique  curve design allows for endless configuration possibilities and seating compacitiess. Available in rectangle and half round shapes.

    Top- 1 1/8″ HPL with round corner PVC edge
    Leg- 2″ round tube with 1 7/8″ round insert, adjustable height  22-30″
    Finish- 1005 polyester premium powder coat
    Glides- STANDARD: Adjustable Glides  OPTIONAL: casters
    Sizes- TN-OGEEBR: 30″x54″  TN-OGEECS: 30″x54″  TN-OGEECH: 54″x54″