Sandusky Lee Welded BookTrucks

  • Description

    These heavy-duty weled steel booktrucks offer maximum strength to effciently store and transport books, reference materials, binders, video tapes and much more to any location. BookTrucks feature 3″ chrome ball casters. Booktrucks (B) through (F) have perforated side panels and feature four industrial (200 lb. rated) 5″ swivel casters all with locking brake fo safety and smooth rounded handles for a comfortable grip and easier control when moving. Sloped backs are 6″ deep. Frames are 18 gauge and shelves are 20 gauge. Durable powder coat finish available in all color options. Available Options: sloped-shelf booktruck, Single sided sloped-shelf booktruck, Double sided sloped-shelf booktruck, flat-shelf booktruck, combination-shelf booktruck(flat and sloped shelves in one)